Converse: stepping faster towards a cure this September


Converse: stepping faster towards a cure this September

Converse, Level 2

The 2018 Converse Chuck Taylor All Star X Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision sneakers, on sale in September, are designed primarily in vibrant appealing white with the popping signature purple lace. Converse will donate forty dollars from each pair purchased to find a cure for Bone Marrow Failures Syndrome (BMFS).

To date, Converse have raised $40,000 and in 2018, have doubled the amount to be donated from each sale to accelerate their support for vital research into BMFS. After the success of the past two years, Converse have committed to evolving the partnership with new designs, and due to the huge popularity with families, will continue to include adults and kids sizing in this year’s range.

Converse, the most iconic and recognisable sneaker in the world, creates a vehicle for Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision to reach an enormous community. The exclusive designs are fast becoming collectables amongst our valued supporters, sporting icons, fashion influencers and personalities. Support from the likes of Rebecca Maddern, Jess Hart, Sam Wood, Brendan Fevola and the Riewoldt family suggests the exciting new range will again be seen around the world from September.

Support Maddie Riewoldt's vision at Converse, located here.