kikki.K: Your Dream Life Starts Here book launch


kikki.K: Your Dream Life Starts Here book launch

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kikki.K Founder, Kristina Karlsson has written her debut book ‘Your Dream Life Starts Here’ which will launch in store Monday, 24 September.

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Kristina Karlsson inspires and guides millions of people to dream with the launch of the kikki.K Dream Life offering and her debut book, Your Dream Life Starts Here - a tool she believes will be the catalyst for the Dream Life movement.

kikki.K founder, Kristina Karlsson, believes that no dream is too big or small, and the entrepreneur recently penned her biggest yet - a dream to inspire 101 million people around the world to create, write down and start actualising three dreams of their own.

Discover your path to success in-store at kikki.K here.