Limited edition teas have arrived at T2


Limited edition teas have arrived at T2

T2 has just launched a range of Limited Edition Teas and we have never been so excited.

Pineapple Dreamboat

This summer drop explodes on the palate with the ripest, sweetest, juiciest pineapple
flavours. With nothin’ but crisp sweet apples and ripe pineapple in the mix, brew up enough to share and be the most popular chap at the party!

The Queen’s Peach

Sunny days out on the green can only mean one thing: a fresh peach tipple with a ginger
twist! Fill your cup with ripe peaches and just the right amount of sweetness – then watch out for the tingly ginger rush!

On the Lawn

Chin chin! This posh English-style classic combines the ultimate taste of summer: oranges, mint, a few strawberries and plenty of cucumber with a lemon tingle. Grab your best iced tea jugs and fill them to the brim – this one’s set to be a scorcher!

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Sun 18th Nov


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Thu 22nd Nov