Gelatissimo: introducing The Deluxe Range


Gelatissimo: introducing The Deluxe Range

With great thrill and anticipation, Gelatissimo have introduced The Deluxe Range!

Gelatissimo’s sparkling new collection of decadent flavours all contain premium ingredients, making the time you spend with them that much more special! Each flavour is loaded with extra chunky goodness bringing you delight in every bite ranging from baked double choc brownies made with coverture chocolate to crunchy Australian macadamias and hand-crafted blondies to wild strawberries dipped in chocolate. Treat your imagination to a sneak peak of the flavours below:

Wicked Double Choc Brownie

Fully loaded with double choc brownie chunks, this delicious gelato is all brought together with swirls of chocolate.

Choc Dipped Strawberries

A strawberries and cream dream, this gelato features chunks of real strawberries, mixed in with milk and white chocolate.

Golden Macadamia Brownie

This gelato is a creamy macadamia swirled with rich caramel, and topped with golden blondie chunks.

See (and taste!) them for yourself in-store at Gelatissimo here.




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