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Aje: Modernist Summer 21

In the face of adversity, creativity will thrive.

A reaction to a world changed forever, Aje explores the notion that the best ideas are born from the most adverse of circumstances through the wider lens of Modernism. Entitled ‘Modernist’, Summer 21 explores the context of this philosophical and art based movement as an adoption of today’s parallel push for change.

Radical and revolutionary, Modernism sought deep and drastic change as a reaction to a world in distress at the turn of the twentieth century. A shaking of tradition and rejection of the traditional establishment saw the birth of a progressive contemporary society, one that fostered the perfect environment for experimentation and individual expression to thrive, holding at its core an unwavering belief in advancement and growth.

Born of the era were some of the greatest works of our time, a product of adversity in the face of change. Designers Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris found themselves enthralled by the work of French modernist architect and designer, Charlotte Perriand. Facing her own set of challenges as a young female in a male dominated industry, she is regarded as one of the most influential and enduring figures of the time. Her work, a celebration of simplicity and unadorned elegance.

Drawing from Perriand’s archive of works, find a gravitation towards the use of bold primary colours. Yellow, red and blue act as key anchors of the collection, with geometric shapes and watercolour prints interspersed throughout. A stripped back aesthetic and intentional vision, key signatures of Perriand’s work, are found in soft yet structural looks that focus on ornate pleating and relaxed tailoring whilst Aje’s signature silhouettes are reimagined and reinterpreted with a nod to minimalistic tendencies.

Born out of adversity, find joy in the creativity cultivated. A season designed to stand the test of time, welcome to ‘Modernist’, Summer 21.

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