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Finalgon Crm 50G

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Finalgon Cream is used for thetemporary relief of pain ofrheumatism, arthritis, lumbago,muscular aches, sprains and strains,sporting injuries and other conditionswhere local warmth is beneficial.Final
gon Cream works by increasingblood circulation to the area of application, hence promotinglocalised warmth and heat to relievepain.The warming reaction to FinalgonCream occurs within a few minutesafter application and reaches its peakwithin 20-30 minutes. When you must not use Finalgon Cream: Do not use Finalgon Cream if youare allergic to nonivamide,butoxyethyl nicotinate or any ofthe other ingredients in Finalgon Cream. All the ingredients of FinalgonCream are listed in section Ingredients. You must not apply Finalgon Cream to: * very sensitive skin; * any broken skin surface; * inflamed skin; * when skin disease is present. You should not use FinalgonCream after the EXPIRY DATE on the tube or carton. Before you start to useFinalgon CreamYou should not take a hot bath orshower before using Finalgon. Finalgon Cream generates a lot ofheat. Patients, particularly withsensitive skin, may experience severeheat if Finalgon Cream is applied to a"warmed up" body.