adidas Originals: Continental 80s


adidas Originals: Continental 80s

There is no single Continental 80 audience, but a unique attitude that comes with wearing it. It’s a shoe for those who know you don’t need to be loud to stand out, those who know that sometimes simplicity can be the boldest attitude. It can be worn by everyone while still offering enough room to make it your own.

The Continental 80 is only for everyone. We embrace this spirit in showing the shoe in a variety of different styles, capturing completely authentic moments. This concept is the true, rebellious and bold allegory of the confident, daring and authentic mindset of the 90s – capturing adidas archive vibes and transforming them into a fresh and unique look for today’s street culture.

The silhouette brings a bold yet understated attitude.
The styles come and go, while becoming own franchises or disappear from our line with new fresh models replacing them and bringing instant heat on the feet of our consumers.

Shop the range now available at Adidas Originals. on Ground Floor, opposite Target.

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