The ultimate guide to winning at Timezone


The ultimate guide to winning at Timezone

Timezone, Level 6

When it comes to looking for something fun to do around Sydney, there's no reason why Timezone shouldn’t be on top of your to-do list.

We asked the staff at Timezone Westfield Chatswood to tell us what their favourite games were and why? We got the lowdown on the best tips and tricks to win those points and the ultimate glory of 'winner' when playing with friends.

Chris - Crusin' Blast

Coming in fast, Crusin' Blast is the perfect car game with a twist. Chris loves this game because it's a motor simulator. "It's really realistic and so much fun with friends, you really can't get enough of it" he said. His insider tip was "before selecting your track hit the "view change" button, this'll give you specialty vehicle options like a tank and helicopter!".

Tia - Mario Cart

This childhood classic is a favourite amongst most, but for Tia Mario Cart is all about connecting with friends. "I love the laughs we share when I play with my friends" she said. Because you can play with up to 4 people, she said that she races (no pun intended) straight to Mario Cart anytime she visits the store. Her biggest tip is to use your power ups ASAP simply because "why keep them?".

Fatima - Lucky Party

Nothing quite beats winning an instant prize when you're playing a game. That's why Fatima's favourite game is Lucky Party, a lolly vending machine. "I love winning lollies, it 'literally' a sweet victory!" she said. Her biggest piece of advice is, when playing try catching smaller items in the machine as they are easier to catch with the claw!

Mia - Sink it!

Do you have the skill to Sink it? Mia sure does! She loves playing this game because it's not overly difficult but "super satisfying when you dunk a ball". Her top tip is to use the back wall to dunk your ball in the cups!

Lucas - Midnight Maximum Tune

Lucas swears by Midnight Maximum Tune, what he says is "the most realistic car game EVER!". No matter how many times he plays, he never gets sick of it. His favourite thing is that he can "go from driving a Porsche to a Lambo all in one night". His top tip is to always keep the car in 6th gear, but when you turn use gears 1 and 2 to go faster!

With something exciting for everyone, there's a game that'll excite the kid in all of us.