Less time parking, more time shopping


Less time parking, more time shopping

As part of our exciting upgrade of the Parking Guidance System in the carpark, Westfield Chatswood are making it easier for you to find available parking spaces.

Works will begin on Monday 16 July when all of the red and green indicator lights above car spaces will be turned off. We will be upgrading the carpark in stages with the new system launching later in 2018, in time for all your Christmas shopping.

While works take place, sections of the carpark as well as speed ramps between the carpark and surrounding streets will occasionally be closed off, signage well help you to enter and exit as easily as possible during the works.

All of us at Westfield Chatswood would like to thank you for your understanding and patience during this time and we look forward to providing you with an easier parking experience soon.

What is a Parking Guidance System (PGS)?
Our Parking Guidance System makes it faster and easier for you to find a parking spot by guiding you to all available parking spaces within the carpark, helping you to spend less time parking and more time shopping.

How does it work?
The helpful screens on entry will tell you how many spaces are available per section of the carpark. The digital signage throughout the carpark will continue to let you know how many spaces are available in that area in real time. The coloured lights above each space will make it easy to see which ones are free.

Benefits of PGS
The Parking Guidance System is just one system put in place to make your trip to Westfield Chatswood easier by spending less time hunting for a free parking space. Not only does it provide accurate information about how many spaces are free, but helps to guide you to their exact location- how good is that!

We will continue to keep you informed through the Westfield Chatswood website about this project as well as all our exciting news and events. For any questions or feedback please send as an email at chatswood.marketing@scentregroup.com.