Perfect Potion: new pure aromatherapy perfume elixirs


Perfect Potion: new pure aromatherapy perfume elixirs

Join me on an amazing journey to experience the alluring scents of nature – essential oils. They will touch your heart and make you keenly aware of the beauty around you; they will open the door to your soul.

My latest creation is the pure aromatherapy Perfume Elixirs for Perfect Potion. These natural aromatherapy perfumes represent a desire to return to nature, for authenticity and a more holistic way of living. They reflect a need for creativity, aesthetic appreciation and the expression of our most sublime feelings.

These pure aromatherapy Perfume Elixirs will awaken long-lost memories. They will carry you off to the sunny lemon groves of Sicily, the warm fields of Provence, the spiritually reflective temples of Japan and the majestic pine forests of North America.

Perfumes should be an expression of your individuality and unique personality. Each pure aromatherapy Perfume Elixir is based on a signature essential oil which has its own personality. I have enhanced the character of the signature essential oil with a composition of essential oils to create a unique perfume that has the ability to penetrate the deepest layers of your soul and open the doors to your emotions.

Welcome to Perfect Potion’s pure aromatherapy Perfume Elixirs. They are the quintessence and embodiment of nature; awakening your imagination; enhancing your wellbeing; allowing you to express your personality; and arousing your emotions, feelings and passion.

Please enjoy our unique range of pure aromatherapy Perfume Elixirs.

Salvatore Battaglia

Perfect Potion



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