Journey through outer space at our geodesic dome


Journey through outer space at our geodesic dome

  • 21st May - 16th Jun


Matt Roberts (Avatree)
Dene Weslake (ICFX Lighting & Control)
Westfield Chatswood

Journey through outer space at our illumintaed geodesic dome!

Towards Mars is an illuminated geodesic dome that takes us on a deep space exploration from Earth to Mars, just as many of the world's current explorers are striving to achieve.

The dome comprises of blues and greens of the earth that slowly give way to the deep dark shades of space. Stars stream over the structure as the journey takes us into the unknown. As we approach the red planet's warm hues illuminate and cover the dome. We have arrived.

You will then enter through the dome continuing your journey through space. As you look above you will see an array of stars and constellations etched into the night sky. The magic of the solar system is all around you. Look up, and be enchanted by those special stars that light up our night sky.

The structure: The geodesic dome is often utilised by visionary artists when conceptualising futuristic civilisations in space. The dome uses geometry and triangular elements that are structurally rigid to distribute the structural stress throughout the structure. The illumination is created by over 100m of neon flex lighting which is embedded in the structure's outer shell.

Visit our geodesic dome on Centre Court, Level 3 opposite the Concierge desk and immerse yourself into the realm of outer space.

When: Friday 25 May - Saturday June 16
Where: Centre Court, level 3