Cold snap: winter skin, hair and wellness tips


Cold snap: winter skin, hair and wellness tips

Whether it's dry skin and hair or aches from the cold, winter has a way of taking a toll on your body so it's time to take care of yourself.


Cold weather can have a big effect on your hair, so it is important to look after it during winter. By using the right shampoo and conditioner your hair will be thanking you. If you aren’t sure what products work best for you and your hair just ask your hair dresser the next time you go in. This leads to another helpful tip- getting your hair trimmed regularly will keep it in good condition because hair tends to dry out in winter leading to the dreaded split ends. There is also the option of putting a treatment in your hair every once in a while (at home or by a professional), which can promote healthy hair.

Book an appointment at JT's Hair Stylists, Price Attack, Salon Express, Tommy Gun's Barbershop or Valentino's.


If you get dry skin in winter you are not alone! So it’s time to turn a negative into a positive by treating your skin as well as yourself to a facial. It’s the perfect way to hydrate your skin and have a bit of relaxation time. With so many facial options you can leave it up to the experts to help you find out what kind of facial your skin is screaming out for.

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Winter can put a lot of stress on your body so it isn’t a bad time to treat yourself to a massage. The benefits include increased circulation, improved skin hydration and it can help you with the dreaded winter blues. Often in winter you spend a lot more time inside curled up on the lounge than usual, but going out and getting a massage can be a great excuse to get out of the house and enjoy some time relaxing.

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Ok, so getting your nails done might not actually physically help you during winter but you will definitely leave feeling happier with freshly manicured nails. Make a day of it and get yourself out of the house because winter shouldn’t stop you from going out and enjoying the day.

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