Your Father’s Day gift sorted


Your Father’s Day gift sorted

Let’s face it, dads (and let’s not get started on grandads) are up there with the toughest family members to buy presents for. With Father’s Day imminent, we’re here to make life easier with gifting ideas for every kind of dad. Whether you have a Sports Dad or a Cultured Dad on your hands, here’s our roundup of gift ideas guaranteed to wow him.

Dad About Town

Identifying features: Fond of a cufflink, always smells nice, knows more about artisanal beer than you do.

The hottest new cologne launch is a solid idea for Dad About Town. Try Prada’s new Luna Rossa Black, which could well become his new signature scent. With notes of bergamot, musk and abergis, this is one he’s guaranteed not to have tried yet. Bonus points for the trés chic bottle. Other options for this dad include buying him aftershave or shower gel in his tried and true favourite scent, a cool, well-designed chess set if he has a competitive streak from Games World or headphones for seeing out those deadline days at work – head to David Jones.

Sport-Mad Dad

Identifying features: Has a pedometer app and is not afraid to use it, voluntarily signs up for half marathons, is currently considering Jiu Jitsu classes.

Does he already own a FitBit? If not, run, don’t walk, to your nearest tech store (we recommend JB Hi-Fi, David Jones or Myer) – these remain the accessory du jour for athletes everywhere. With this on his arm, dad will soon get addicted to tracking everything from his daily steps to the quality of his sleep. You’re spoilt for choice for this dad, as sports gear will always be welcome. Head to Rebel Sport and replenish his gym kit, he will thank you for the new kicks or workout clothes when that 6am alarm goes off.

Cultured Dad

Identifying features: Plays an instrument, owns a set of charcoal pencils, cares about fonts.

This guy is a dream to shop for. All you need to do is head to your nearest craft shop and stock up on homemade craft activities, or buy him a fun set of Lego to build with the kids. Try Riot Art & Craft and Target who can sort you out in that department. But because it’s Father’s Day and he's probably a bit sentimental, why not try getting a photo framed for the occasion? Head to <printer e.g., Office Works> for the photo and <David Jones, Myer, Adairs and homewares stores> for the frame.

Shed-tinkering dad

Identifying features: Owns a tool belt, really likes upcycling barrels or palettes, rarely comes inside the house when he’s home.

How about a Bluetooth speaker that has a decent range for those long nights in the shed? JB Hi-Fi have you covered. You can even find waterproof and shockproof ones that will make his tinkering all the more enjoyable. Good quality work socks (try Target will make his projects more comfortable, and a good quality laser level always comes in handy, too.

Foodie Dad

Identifying features: Knows his pork hock from his pork belly, buys eggplants seasonally, has a cookbook collection.

This dad likely already has everything he needs in the kitchen department, but if there are any gaps, a great idea is a hand blender from Robins Kitchen, a fancy garnish grater, or a great, new release cookbook to add to his collection from QBD Books. Another option is to focus on the meals that he eats outside the house. Does he have a cool bento-style lunchbox and lunch bag? A favourite reusable coffee cup? He’ll thank you for buying him fun, quality products he will use on the daily lunch run.

Stylish dad

Identifying features: Owns multiple hair products, enjoys patterned, bright-coloured socks, uses all available wardrobe space.

This guy knows what he likes and appreciates quality when he sees it. A beautiful leather satchel? Tick. Head to David Jones and Myer for something in classic black or rich brown tones. If you’re not confident choosing, (shout out to all the picky dads out there), why not take him on a shopping spree with a Westfield Gift Card, which you can purchase at Westfield Carousel's concierge here.

Lunch is served

And for any kind of dad, here’s the crowning glory: put some effort into that Father’s Day lunch! After all, this celebration day is about quality time more than anything, so why not head to The Waverley Brewhouse or The Groove Train. May we recommend the Stavros Stavrou from Zeus Street Greek or the Salt and Pepper Calamari from Criniti's?. Always a crowd pleaser.

Happy shopping! No matter the dad, now is your chance to spoil him with a thoughtful gift he will love. You’ve got this!

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