Dinner's on us: a different way to use your Westfield Gift Card


Dinner's on us: a different way to use your Westfield Gift Card

Maybe you’ve just celebrated a birthday, had an anniversary of sorts or recently been spoiled for just being you with a Westfield Gift Card. So now your gift card is burning a pretty hole in your wallet begging to be spent!

Did you know that your Westfield Gift Card can be used in more places than you think? Yes, you can spend your new-found dollars on fashion however if that’s not really your thing why not treat yourself to some good food because we’ve got plenty to offer and better yet most of our retailers accept Westfield Gift Cards.

Whether you’re enjoying pizza, burgers, dumplings or steak, why not spend your gift card on a good food experience. You can always split the bill with friends or use your gift card as a part payment. Better yet if you’ve been gifted with a Westfield XS Gift Card, this card is extra special as it’s accepted where EFTPOS is, so you’ve got more options to choose from.

You won’t be disappointed with a good meal either, so what are you waiting for? Book one of our restaurants or enjoy a great meal in our food court. Be sure to use your Westfield Gift Card because it’s on someone else this time!

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