Recycling in our stores: It’s never been easier to do your part


Recycling in our stores: It’s never been easier to do your part

From being rewarded for reusing, to living a minimalist existence, there’s no time like the present to join the eco-friendly movement in a conscious effort to minimise waste. We’re revealing the brands that you know and love who are already doing their bit to make it easy for you to do yours.

Find out who is leading the way in the environmentally-friendly space, and where you should be shopping to contribute to the greater cause.

Be rewarded for reusing

Seems too good to be true? Well, it’s not!

Many of your best-loved beauty and lifestyle brands are already breaking ground in this space. From the plastic-reduction promises being made by our friends at LUSH, and giving back to M.A.C.

Lush’s 5 Pots Program

We know that feeling of utmost disappointment when you reach the bottom of your favourite pot of BB Seaweed, but no need to fear! After making your way through five pots (which we know will realistically only take you max 2.5 weeks), your skin will be glowing, AND you can head back in store on level 3 to exchange your empties for a Fresh Face Mask. All you have to do is make sure they come back clean – even you can manage that, we believe in you!

Find out more about how LUSH are ridding the world of rubbish through their innovative recyclable initiatives.

Back to M.A.C

Why have six, when you can have seven? Once you’ve made it through six silky sticks of Velvet Teddy, and you’re finally ready to branch out and try a pop of red with Lady Danger, simply return your six empty primary packaging containers to M.A.C, and you’ll receive a free lipstick of your choice. In this case, more really is merrier!

Find out more and pick your 7th shade.

Let’s make Marie Kondo proud

Have you ever all of a sudden been overcome by the urge to rid yourself of the weighted baggage of 15 years’ worth of clothing, and instead, live a minimalist lifestyle consisting of only the bare essentials? Because same. It’s time to make Marie Kondo proud by clearing out the cluttered cupboard and joining the recycled clothing revolution, thanks to the help of H&M.

H&M will take it all – from the stained t-shirt, to the dress you wore to your ex’s stepsisters’ wedding, and even the lonely sock at the bottom of the sock drawer. You love and care for your garments as long as possible, and H&M will take over when they need a new life. The brand is on a mission to not let fashion go to waste. Join them by dropping your castoff clothes in the garment-collecting box in store on level 4 and be rewarded with a voucher.

Find out more.

Remember, making quality purchases is the most important first step to cutting down on clothing and product waste.

So, what are you waiting for? You’re only six M.A.C lipsticks, five LUSH pots, or one lonely sock away from leaving your mark. Or should we say, reducing it.

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