3 autumn beauty treatments to indulge in this month


3 autumn beauty treatments to indulge in this month

Feeling the change in your skin as the cooler season arrives? With the wind picking up and the temperature dropping, our skin and hair are feeling a little dry and dull.

Try these nourishing beauty treatments to get ready for the cold months ahead.


Chasing that perfect skin? A facial can be a great way to detoxify your skin. See one of the below retailers and talk to them about your skincare needs.

available at:

- Essential Beauty
- Endota Spa
- Silk Laser Clinic


Floating is the scientifically proven process of relaxing and re-setting the brain and body through REST (restricted environment stimulation technique) and sensory deprivation.

available at:

- Float & Restore


It's hard to describe the feeling of freshly painted nails lets just call it happiness.

available at:

- Nail Studio
- Fancy Hollywood Nails
- Teconail
-Nails Idol

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