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Inspiring students in partnership with South Metropolitan TAFE

Westfield Carousel is excited to be partnering with South Metropolitan TAFE again in 2024, after the success of our collaboration in previous years.

Working closely with a group of three fashion business students, we gave these fresh up-and-comers the opportunity and creative challenge to flex their design skills, by visual merchandising our display cabinets in centre this season.

Get ready to feel inspired as we take you through their creative journey and finished designs below.

The brief and concept

To create an Autumn/Winter fashion display for Westfield Carousel that’s unique and visually striking. Students worked in small groups to ideate and bring their visions to life through sketch, moodboards and graphic design.

The big reveal

We’re proud to unveil the below concepts in our centre. Brought to life in true form, from the creative minds of South Metropolitan TAFE students. You can see that their creative journey from the initial moodboard and digital design phases came to fruition.

On your next visit to Westfield Carousel, be sure to stroll by either Standbags, to appreciate these eye-catching displays. You’ll walk away feeling inspired and in-the-know for all things fashion this season.

The talent behind the design

Meet Dohyun (Ronny) Han, Asha Macfarlane, Sydney Sudiarko and Bonnie Hurley, the creative force behind the design. Read on to discover their inspiration, challenges and favourite moments working with us.

Why did you choose to study Visual Merchandising?
Studying Visual Merchandising allows us to gain more industry experience and knowledge, and jumpstart our careers in the fashion business world. Participating in the Fashion Business course has this VM unit inside it, which gives us an insight of what visual merchandisers do in their day-to-day jobs, the behind the scenes of visual merchandising, the process behind the creation of visual display units (VDUs), and more specifically the planning that goes into a successful execution.

What did you enjoy the most about this project? Our team loves the practical aspect of Westfield project including paper mache-ing, building and constructing the design concepts of the VDUs and seeing our ideas come into fruition in the end. Working on the Westfield project is incredibly enjoyable in the way that we are able to cohesively collaborate together in a team, as well as giving us applicable experience that we can apply to our future careers.

What inspirations did you draw upon to create your design?
To create our design, we were able to draw inspiration from the typical farmer’s market, and re-interpret it to fit the Westfield Brief, ensuring that our design concept is elevated and formal for the Westfield Carousel target market. We want our design to emulate a sense of warmth, organic, and natural impact of the Autumn season. It is important for us to inspire a feeling and sentiment of coziness and comfort directed for our target audience.

How did you work with external suppliers, your teacher and Westfield to bring your concept to life?
Our team travelled to Westfield Carousel individually to have a look at the VDUs and assess the size and location of all 3 VDUs. We spoke to SM TAFE Technician Naomi Halls and collaborated with her on sourcing the raffia and wagon wheels for our display units. Our team also contacted Centre Graphics to source our vinyl floorings for each VDU display, ensuring that it is the correct Pantone shade. In addition, we consulted with Katie McDade, Marketing Executive at Westfield Carousel to present our design concepts for each display unit, and finalise and confirm the technicalities of our idea.

What was most challenging about this project?
The most challenging part of this Westfield Project was constructing the paper mache pumpkin. We had difficulties figuring out the correct and most efficient process to build this pumpkin, as we first used a balloon and string to make this happen. However, this proved to be inefficient and unsuccessful as the string kept slipping off the balloon. Finally, we were able to overcome this by looking for a different way to build the paper mache pumpkins by utilising fluff and plastic bags to mould the shape, as well as applying a flour/water mixture to apply the tissue paper to the pumpkin. Although we adopted this new method, we came across an issue with the flour/water mixture as with time, it had developed mould on the bottom of the pumpkin. We scrapped this pumpkin, and decided to use PVA glue instead of flour/water to combat the mould issue!

The meaningful, real life experience provided through this partnership has given students practical experience, working with timelines, budgets and suppliers from different industries. Most importantly, it gave students a public podium to spotlight their creative work for our community and retailers to enjoy.

You can find more info on Fashion Business courses at South Metropolitan TAFE here >

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