T2: think you know French Earl Grey? Think again.


T2: think you know French Earl Grey? Think again.

T2, Level 1

Most brands have a French Earl Grey. But we’re not like most brands. Brewed to haute perfection, this tea doesn’t need anything to enhance its beauty, but that doesn’t mean it has to be drunk strictly black.

Add zest with a squeeze of lemon to enhance the notes of bergamot and sweet tree fruit. As a potent source of Vitamin C, lemon promotes a healthy glow inside and out. Ensuring you’re
always putting your best ballet pump forward.

Or to take the edge off, drizzle in a touch of honey. Sweetening the medium-bodied black tea base, it will have you reminiscing of mille-feurs from that patisserie in the 8th Arrondissement. Honey also soothes the throat, preparing you for the next utterance of pardon my French.




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