Supporting our contemporary veterans


Supporting our contemporary veterans

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In the coming days, you’ll notice RSLWA volunteers in some Westfield centres seeking donations for a very worthy cause – the 2019 ANZAC Appeal.

They want to turn the spotlight on our contemporary veterans, the brave young men and women who’ve returned from conflicts in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and East Timor. While most made it home, there are some who never truly escape the residual horrors of modern warfare, which haunt them daily.

This is reflected in disproportionately high rates of suicide, homelessness, crippling PSTD and unemployment suffered by young Aussie vets.

It’s a brutal truth that RSLWA cannot abide, which is why we are issuing a call to arms to the WA community to rally behind our newer veterans.

Every cent that is donated to RSLWA helps enormously — allowing us to tailor specialist services to the needs of our current and former servicemen and women, along with their families.

Some examples include: crisis accommodation for at-risk Veterans; guiding serving personnel through the transition into civilian life, including finding new employment; financial assistance for families in need; mental health and wellbeing support; assistance with accessing pension entitlements.

You’ll find RSLWA volunteers collecting donations at Westfield Carousel on Wednesday, April 24 from 9am-5pm.

Please give generously and thankyou for your support.

Lest we forget!