Meet the artists: M.A.C Cosmetics


Meet the artists: M.A.C Cosmetics

Just like fashion, make-up trends change from season to season. We sat down with make-up artist Courtney from M.A.C at Myer, to find out the latest make-up trends for the winter season.

Coming into winter, we’ve noticed a change from bright shades to deep hues. What are the biggest trends when it comes to make-up this season?

Color trends
During winter we definitely see rich burgundy, plum and mauve on trend. Camel & Caramel tones are also a hit in the cooler months, especially wrapped around the eyes and on the cheeks!


Eye trends
From warm browns to cool taupe’s buffed all over the eye, anything that will create a warm, luxe feel. These colors are also great for making your eyes pop. Try our Eyes by 9 palette in ‘Semi Sweet’ for the ultimate winter palette.

Lip trends
Burgundy, red and mauve shades are a hot topic throughout winter. Shades such as Diva, Russian Red and Amorous are amazing to make a wintery statement - while shades such as Syrup, Plumful and Modesty can be used for an everyday staple lip colour. Keep your lips hydrated & prepped in these colder months by using our Prep & Prime Lip Primer to help seal in the moisture and help your lipstick last all day.

Contouring trends
During winter we all love to pretend it’s still summer, right? By happy coincidence, M.A.C releases its summer collection in Australia’s winter months. This means a new collection of various shades of bronzers that can be used to not only warm up the skin but also to sculpt and shape. Our ‘Mirage Noir’ Winter collection has exclusive cream & powder bronzers perfect for contouring for any skin tone.


Everyone has their go-to make-up product that they can’t live without. What is yours this season?

My personal go to throughout winter and all year round is Strobe Cream. Strobe Cream is an amazing product that nourishes and due to its iridescent particles, gives a soft glow to the skin. This is something I use without fail daily on not only myself, but also every client I have. A true ‘desert island product’ if you will.

What is this season’s no-go when it comes to make-up?

During the colder season most people’s skin type gets a little dry, this means that a matte skin may not always be the best option. A dewier, more hydrating formula of foundation or a quick switch up of skincare and prep products can be so helpful when it comes to drier, more dull skin. Try our Studio Waterweight Foundation for a flawless base with added Hydration Serum which soothes and protects. Come into store for a complimentary foundation fitting to find your perfect winter base!

Finally, we know how important it is to have the right tools to create the perfect look. What are the must-have tools this season?

Must have tools for this season are our #168 contouring brush, #217 blending brush & #240 large blender. 3 brushes you can use in multiple ways to make your makeup application quick & easy this season!

All M.A.C products are available at Myer.


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