Perfect Potion secret wellness tips for cold and flu season


Perfect Potion secret wellness tips for cold and flu season

Cold and flu season has arrived! Elevate your wellness, side-step the struggles of an aching body and incessant sniffles this year and start feeling blissful instead!

Feeling stuffy and congested?

Breathe Easy Blend is a powerhouse purifier. It features a decongesting blend of pine and eucalyptus to help you replace congestion with clarity. You’ll also find lemon essential oil included in the mix. Lemon is included as a high vibrational oil that helps lift your spirits when you’re feeling fatigued. Studies have also shown it to be effective in killing airborne microbes and to possess strong antiviral and immune-stimulating properties to help you fight off infectious conditions. Thyme essential oil is featured for its offering of ‘broad-spectrum healing qualities’ and strong antimicrobial activity which is often used for the treatment of infections like bronchitis.

To experience your own Breathe Easy ritual contact Perfect Potion today!

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