Find your style with the Carindale stylists


Find your style with the Carindale stylists

Classic, chic, bohemian, edgy - finding your personal style can be a struggle, particularly as trends come and go. But defining the foundations of your style and how you want to present yourself to the world, is a reflection and reinforcement of who you are.

If you are someone who stares blankly into your closet, trying to assemble an outfit for that birthday celebration, first date or cocktail party – only to find yourself repeating the same go-to dress again and again, then it might be time to call in professionals. After all, if your car breaks down you call a mechanic, right? So why not enlist the help of a stylist?

So how to you find the right personal stylists to work with?

At Westfield Carindale it’s never been so simple. We have a team of professional stylists to choose from that will connect you with the latest trends, rejuvenate your look to enhance your individuality, and inspire you to explore new pieces that will fit seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Think of them as your fashion expert, shopping partner, impartial friend and fairy godmother (minus the sparkly wand and pumpkin carriage) all rolled into one. Our personal stylists aren’t tied to any one fashion brand and are here to offer you honest advice on how to dress, look and feel your best.

It’s time to trade those rags for riches and let our personal stylists work their magic!

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