Shinobi Ramen

Shinobi Ramen

Shinobi Ramen provides the most authentic Tonkotsu Ramen experience outside of it’s homeland of Japan. Lead by the critically acclaimed Ramen Master Chef Hideki Futemma, who boasts the number 1 Tonkotsu Ramen Chef title and the most prestigious ramen school in Japan, you will be guaranteed to encounter authenticity and culinary artistry at its finest.

From the noodles prepared in-house every morning to the crumbed calamari, Shinobi’s ingredients are freshly sourced and prepared by our team to provide our customers with the best quality possible. Treat yourself to a masterclass prepared by the Tonkotsu Ramen master!

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Ground Level

In Glasshouse Dining Precinct

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Enter via Carindale St southbound, first entry after roundabout