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Secrets Shhh: Autumn jewellery trends

This year, jewellery trends are set to mirror the spirit of maximalism seen on the runways of the fashion world. Super-sized statement settings in rings, necklaces, bracelets that embrace colour and celebrate life will be at the top of everyone’s most desirable wishlist.

Expect post-pandemic consumers to be shopping for pleasure, and embracing the bright, bold colour schemes of “dopamine dressing”. Choosing what to wear and how to accessorise has a new confidence in 2022, with many opting to upgrade or pair existing jewellery favourites with key statement pieces to help them stand out from the pack.

Colour Your World

Colour transcends fashion. It can be bold and elegant, strong and subtle, timeless and modern. In jewellery it is often playful, and always personal, with high appeal for the modern jewellery lover who is drawn to distinctive pieces that echo their own unique style.

“Already in 2022 we are seeing increased demand for pinks, yellows, blues and greens across our entire jewellery range. Set in spectacular sterling silver, and flanked by the brightest of diamond simulants, these colourful pieces are full of personality and very now,” says Secrets’ Chief Marketing Officer, Sue Szylvester.

Discover new release designs showcasing colour and individuality.

Engagement Trends

Those getting engaged in 2022 will likely be looking for something unusual or less traditional. Many are choosing to recycle unworn pieces or family heirlooms, or opt for vintage jewellery over new. It’s part of the growing, more sustainable, and environmentally-responsible consumer approach, which has also seen increased demand for Secrets’ lab-grown diamond simulants over mined diamonds.

Engagement ring designs featuring stunning solitaire settings with high carat feature stones are a must-have for soon to be newly-weds. In particular, we are seeing a sharp rise in popularity of oval, pear and marquise cuts thanks to recently engaged celebrities Kourtney Kardashian, Heyley Bieber and Ariana Grande. For those of us not able to afford a 15 plus carat diamond, this style can still look spectacular even on a tight budget. As these shaped stones are elongated, they look larger than their equivalent diamond weights in other shapes, and in a more sustainable diamond simulant option, you too could be sporting the big carats. In fact, at Secrets, all engagement rings can be upgraded to any sized stone you choose.

The Future Movement

In a world that is becoming increasingly eco-aware, Secrets understand consumers want to choose beautiful jewellery that not only makes them feel incredible but also closely aligns with their ethics and beliefs.

“We are seeing this shift take hold worldwide, with many jewellery buyers today considering alternatives to mined gemstones, and it will likely become one of the most important buyer trends in the industry moving forward,” said Ms Szylvester.

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