Dusk: It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas


Dusk: It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

Dusk, Level 1

Dusk have just released their Christmas Collection, and it smells fantastically festive!

With such a busy season ahead of catch-ups, family reunions and gift-giving having a beautiful scent to your home is a must. Come home and relax with a gentle scent of pine or maybe a fruity pomegranate the choice is yours.

Everyone knows they love decorating to a theme for Christmas, some dazzle in a white winter wonderland, some love the decorations they've received from the kids and then you've got those who just love the classic red and green. Dusk have created a big enough collection to ensure everyone can enjoy their Christmas scents AND match their decorations.

Check them out in action below!

White and gold:

Colourful for the kids:


Whatever you choose we are all wishing you the happiest Christmas!