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T2: Introducing T2s latest drop of wellness sips

T2, Ground Level

We’ve developed two new powerhouse teas that are soft with herbal flavours and designed to support your body. Adaptogenic herb Shatavari, soothing marshmallow root and vibrant raspberries balance your body’s systems. It’s a cup for me, a cup for all stages of you.

Her Balance is the 'Queen of herbs'. A powerful force in a quest to settle hormones, its blend of shatavari, gotu kola and honeybush offers a refreshingly earthy taste that’s sweetened with ripe raspberries.

Ingredients; honeybush, rooibos, rosehip, cinnamon, beetroot, liquorice root, natural flavouring, nettle, shatavari, ginseng, gotu kola, passionflower and raspberry.

Why this blend of herbs?

The powerful element behind this tea is shatavari. This herb is a staple in ayurvedic medicine as it works hard at balancing hormones. The addition of honeybush and rooibos contains phytoestrogens to support general wellbeing. The last magical element to this mighty tea involves passionflower which assists with sleep due to its calming effects and gotu koala which is well-known to aid in memory support.

Milk Magic is the brilliant brew for new Mums. A wholesome tea containing marshmellow root and fenugreek to be on standby at feeding time. Delight in its subtle and warming flavours provided by nutmeg and vanilla – it’s a true treat for both mum and bub.

Ingredients; fennel, fenugreek seeds, marshmellow root, caraway, nettle leaves, carob powder, natural vanilla flavouring, natural flavouring and nutmeg powder.

Why is this tea amazing?

It’s bursting with ingredients like marshmellow root, fenugreek, fennel and nettle which have long been used in herbal medicine to assist with breastfeeding. As an added bonus this tea also perfectly supports the digestion in both mum and bub.

When to sip this brew?

This tea is for first-time Mums and long-time Mums, it’s your milk supplies new BFF.


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