adidas Originals: the new Falcon ft Coeeze


adidas Originals: the new Falcon ft Coeeze

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FALCON is not just one of the fastest-moving creatures on Earth with exceptional powers of vision:

In the adidas world, it is a fresh and unique look with a design aesthetic that reflects a loud and confident mindset.

Taking inspiration from the rebellious and trailblazing female icons of the ‘90s, and the ‘97 FALCON DORF runner on which it’s based, FALCON is about not letting other people’s opinions stifle your point of view or creativity. Energized by rebellion, fun and a desire to shape their own world, a generation of young women are actively dismissing the world’s negativity. The confidence and conviction of today’s young women draw them to a time that validates what they feel inside and to things that share their bold positivity aesthetically.
Now, Jenner and Falcon join forces in honor of adidas Originals, with the icon debuting in the brand’s Falcon campaign. Falcon’s blueprint, the Falcon Dorf, came-of-age in the late 90s as a daring statement injected into the pinnacle of an era where women weren’t afraid to break the rules and speak their truths. With its groundbreaking design, this silhouette pushed the boundaries of what a sports shoe could be with its fashion-forward edge, and now new colourways.

“As a life-long fan of the brand, Kylie Jenner embodies the bold spirit of Falcon and we are pleased to have her as the face of the campaign”.

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