But without a fluffy pen, how did you write in your fuzzy diary?


But without a fluffy pen, how did you write in your fuzzy diary?

Let us take you on a journey back to a time where the quality of your inflatable plastic furniture and the number of jelly bracelets you could fit on one arm dictated popularity.

This Spring, we're taking a walk down memory lane by reliving some of the iconic memories from our childhood. From game boys to Tamagotchis, how many of these old school gems do you remember?

How we really learnt to take care of a pet

Because when mum wouldn't let us get a real dog, we turned to our beloved Tamagotchi instead. The thrill of owning a device that responded, interacted and relied on us was the ultimate win, however pixilated, noisy and difficult to sustain it was...

No need to fear, Target are giving you the opportunity to take care of, be annoyed by, and accidentally forget to feed a smaller version of the original digital pet you knew and loved. Shop The Original Tamagotchi Assorted toys now!

Fluffy pens totally helped us write song lyrics

It must have been something about the way that the fabric swayed in the wind as you put pen to paper, that brought out the most rad song lyrics of all time.

These days, we can't go past Target for the best in fuzzy, interactive, 3D pens.

Because we weren't concerned about plastic back then...

Before Candy Crush and Fruit Ninja consumed our lives, all we had were walking spring toys, AKA slinkies. The ultimate time waster that never failed to disappoint. Shop some of your old school favourites, as well as the latest and greatest in kids toys at Kidstuff.

Although things got super awkward when your 356 plastic jelly bracelets got stuck in your slinky. Especially when you spent a solid 20 minutes that morning styling them to create the perfect ombre effect.

Weren't a jelly bracelet kid? How about the classic slap band accessory? Totally harmless... or so your sibling said as they SLAPPED it onto your arm. It's your duty to keep the slap band trend alive, shop a range of styles at SMIGGLE.

Don't hate the player, hate the Game...Boy

And we thought that the iPhone 8 PLUS was too bulky to carry around in our pockets, remember when we lagged our Game Boys everywhere? From Mario Bros to Space Invaders, no 21st century Xbox or Call of Duty can replace this old school classic.

Relive your gamer days and shop some of your all time favourite at EB Games

This Spring, the revival is on at Westfield. No matter how you choose to throw it back this season, Westfield is here to help you shake things up.

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