TOMRA Return & Earn

Return and Earn is the largest litter reduction initiative introduced in NSW and it has collected over 1 billion containers in just over a year. The initiative allows consumers to receive a 10c refund for all eligible containers returned.

TOMRA are proudly delivering Return and Earn by providing the Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) that are used to collect eligible containers for recycling. Using a TOMRA RVM ensures beverage containers get turned back into beverage containers. The more beverage containers recycled this way means the fewer raw materials and energy needed to make new beverage containers.

Returning your containers at an RVM is fast, friendly and rewarding! Simply insert your empty containers into the chute at the front of the reverse vending machine. When you're finished, select your preferred payout method on the screen:

Retailer refund: Take a printed voucher from the machine for a cash refund or a saving at Woolworths.
Digital refund: Download the myTOMRA app and link it to PayPal to transfer the refund to your account.
Donate your refund: Choose on the screen the charity or community fundraiser to donate your refund to.
For more information on what containers are eligible see

Location: Please take the travellator near Woolworths down to P2

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