Body Catalyst: Client of the month


Body Catalyst: Client of the month

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We speak to Kate, our client of the month to get some insight on her incredible body transformation. We are so proud of how far she has come in her journey and how she made the shift towards a healthier and happier version of herself.

Kate’s background and body concerns

“I have been struggling with stored fat in my inner-thighs, outer-thighs and knees since teenagehood. After having two kids, I had stored additional body fat in my stomach and love handles” she says.

“I also noticed than being in my mid 30s had an impact on my metabolism, making it easier to put on a few extra kilos and harder to lose them.”

A few reasons for this include muscle loss, being less active and the natural aging of the metabolic processes within the body.Kate knew that she needed a change as she didn’t feel comfortable in her own body. With a demanding job and a family at home, Kate wanted a solution that would maximise her time and effort.

“I first thought of undergoing surgical liposuction to get rid of the excess unwanted fat stored in different areas of my body but after talking to a friend at a dinner party, she said I should look into non-invasive cryolipolysis fat freezing instead”, Kate recalls.

Kate’s decision to make the shift

After talking to a friend about going under the knife, Kate was told to look at other non-surgical alternatives such as cryolopolysis which could help her attain the same results without having to go under the knife. Kate went ahead and did some research as it sounded much better than undergoing surgical liposuction.

She came to Body Catalyst for a complimentary consultation looking a her in a holistic way to guide her on her journey towards self-love and body confidence. During her complementary consultation, her lifestyle and background were discussed as well as her body goals and the technology used to achieve optimum results for her body type.
The treatments and overall process

“After my initial consultation, I was given a personalised plan by the nutritionist who assessed me based on my particular areas of concern and lifestyle.
“I found that the level of support around nutrition made the difference. Body Catalyst has been the catalyst of change for me. When I first met with the nutritionists, I was not exercising or looking after my diet regimen and water intake. After seeing some initial results from my cryolipolysis fat freezing treatments, I introduced changes into my life gradually. I started drinking more water as it helps flushing out the dead fat cells frozen during the treatments and also moving my body more to assist with the process”, she says.

“I had multiple non-invasive fat freezing combined with skin tightening treatments around my stomach and legs. I treated stubborn bulges of fat that were stored in my body for years in areas where I thought I would never be able to. As time went by, I have noticed that my stomach has flattened and my thighs strengthened. I have also lost mass in my legs and around my knees where skin used to sag.”

What I like most about these treatments is the fact that It is so convenient and easy, as each session is performed under an hour with no downtime, which means that I can go back to work or pick up the kids from school straight after leaving the clinic.”

Body Catalyst transformation and results
Now, Kate has built her dream physique by reshaping it, lost two dress sizes and has made the shift towards a healthy lifestyle. The correct nutrition guidance given by our nutritionists has helped her maintain the results she has obtained with coolsculpting without dieting. She enjoys food and does not follow a particular diet regime but rather focuses her efforts on eating wholefoods daily. She has also started exercising to maintain these results by going to the gym and practicing yoga and pilates.

“I am now on a maintenance plan with Body Catalyst and would only go occasionally to ensure I stay on track. RF skin tightening is perfect for this phase as it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, leaving my skin looking smoother”, she says.
With these physical improvements and health benefits, Kate has achieved an incredible transformation inside and out"

Check out Kate's results below

outer thighs
Before (16.01.17) ---> After (15.11.18)
78cm - 64/63.5 ---> 56/56
83cm - 66/65 ---> 57.5/57.5

Love handles
Before (23.01.18) ---> After (15.11.18)
107 - 78 --->74
106 - 77.5 ---> 76
104 - 81.5 ---> 77.5
102- 83 ---> 79

Before (23.01.18)---> After (15.11.18)
110 - 73 ---> 66.5
109- 76 ---> 67
105 - 85 ---> 73

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