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MECCA: Introducing Flamingo Estate, new to MECCA!

Mecca, Level 3

Direct from the LA home of creative mastermind Richard Christiansen, Flamingo Estate delivers on sense-tickling rituals for everyday pleasure, euphoria, clarity and sleep, created from meticulously sourced ingredients.

Beekeeper, booklover and founder of Chandelier Creative, the LA-based Australian met the original owner of his home, the Flamingo Estate, when the eccentric 94-year-old adult filmmaker wanted bees of his own. Now, the estate is also home to 150 species of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers – many of which were harvested and sold to support local farmers and creatives throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns. Today, the home-grown ingredients come infused, distilled, boxed and bottled into everyday rituals for the mind and body.

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