Meditation Session

Meditation Session

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Friday 28 Oct

You are invited to a free meditation session led by Coach Natalia Perera. Learn about how meditation helps you to manage your stress response and how to use it as way to happiness and wellbeing.

When: Friday 14 October 2016, 12pm, Friday 21 October 12pm and Friday 28 October 12pm

Where: Blackmores Wellbeing Centre, Level 5 (next to target)

Please arrive on time as there will be limited spaces Meditation is key for mindfulness and its benefits include less stress, better focus and improved sleep. Don’t be intimidated by the stereotype! You don’t have to be highly spiritual, cross legged and humming to reap the benefits of meditation; it’s all about simply being present and focusing your mind. Plus enjoy taste testing of our Superfoods range after the session and a surprise special for all attendees