Tamago Bubblewrap Co.

Tamago Co. is a fun, hearty and an innovative Japanese dessert venue, committed to offering gourmet desserts to our customers. Expect a range of bubble tea drinks, Asian fusion desserts: ice-cream bubble waffle, whipped cream bubble waffle, Hong Kong Grid style waffle, and specialty hot dogs to be offered in Tamago. We are made to order, 100% made fresh in premise every day and use only premium food ingredients to serve our customers.
Come in for a ‘Next level dessert’ experience. We are a local business aiming to bring more fun and delicious Asian fusion food to the Canberra community. In return, we ask you to sit back and enjoy the mouth watering and photo-worthy treat that Tamago offers.

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Sat 25th May


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Mon 27th May


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Tue 28th May


Wed 29th May


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