A guide to men’s knitwear


A guide to men’s knitwear

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The warmth and comfort of a wool sweater is a much-welcomed luxury when the mercury begins to drop. Aesthetically timeless and effective against the chill, knitwear is a must-have item, completing any stylish wardrobe.

But just as there are various coats for different situations, sweaters too have their own unique features to be explored.

Roll neck

Also known as the turtle-neck, the roll-neck is an oft overlooked gem in the arsenal of male style.

Traditionally fitted, making it ideal for leaner frames, it can either be worn on its own with chinos and boots for a more casual look, or teamed with a suit for a more rakish affect.


The most common of sweaters, crewnecks have a versatile style that can be worked into any outfit. The slightly roomier fit is perfect for larger body types.

There are some who believe that the crewneck shouldn’t be worn without shirting. This might be true for more bulkier knits such as cable where they help add contrast to the heaviness but lightweight versions, such as those made with Merino wool, can be easily sported without anything underneath.


Slightly more fitted than a crew neck, although nowhere near as lean-bodied as the roll neck, the V-neck is easily sported by all body types.

More casual in style than the other styles, the V-necks are perfect for relaxed weekends and in offices that take a more laid-back approach to dress codes.

The V cut into the neck should never reveal more than two buttons, and the collars of your shirt should always be tucked into the jacket. While there are some thicker knit varieties, the finer knits provide a much streamlined, minimalist aesthetic.


One of the key garments in the art of layering, cardigans are a must have of gentlemanly style. These do their best work on more athletic body types, as they cinch in at the waist and accentuate broader shoulders.

Heavier styles, as such an Aran knit or longer belted styles with a shawl collar, are ideal with jeans and boots for a rugged, masculine look. More refined knits in Merino wool can be layered into suiting in lieu of a vest. A general rule of thumb in regards to buttoning is to always leave the top, and bottom, undone.


While not technically a sweater, the vest gets special mention as an underestimated trans-seasonal garment.

Worn with a suit, the knitted vest can provide a softening contrast to the suits more conservative look. In casual settings, they can add texture and be a colourful flourish to finish an outfit.

Head to Woolmark.com for more details on how to best care for your favourite wool clothes.

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