Update your activewear wardrobe with bright colours this summer


Update your activewear wardrobe with bright colours this summer

The new year always brings new resolutions. If one of yours is sticking to a healthy lifestyle, then we have a surefire way for you to maintain it.

Nothing will give you more motivation to get your heart pumping than new activewear. Put your usual black and grey tones aside and opt for bright-coloured activewear this year. Peach and pink hues are in, as well as bright orange and blue.

If you’re not the biggest fan of all-out colour, then go half-way with black-based activewear that may have just a stripe or two of colour. These are our favourite colourful activewear options.

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Cotton On Body

Pictured, left to right: Cotton On Body High Impact wire-free sports bra, Cotton On Body Summer Core 7/8 tights.


Pictured, left to right: Ell&Voo Taylor crop top from Rebel, Ell&Voo India 3/4 tights from Rebel.

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