Community Christmas trees spread cheer at Airport West


Community Christmas trees spread cheer at Airport West

You may notice some colourful Christmas trees displayed around Westfield Airport West the next time you visit. These bright creations have been lovingly made by seven of the local schools in our community.

Our schools share the inspiration and meaning behind their beautiful art projects that are helping to spread Christmas cheer in the centre.

Gladstone Park Primary School – ‘An Aussie Summer Christmas’

Located near Kmart

This tree conveys all that is quintessentially Australiana and summer as we prepare to embrace the Christmas season as a community. Celebrating the day together around a barbeque, a game of cricket in the backyard, or even heading down to the beach with the family during a Christmas heatwave has all become synonymous with Christmas in Australia. Gladstone Park Primary School (GPPS) chose for their tree to reflect this idea with the design heavily inspired by Australian symbols and native elements.

The colour of the tree represents the red earth of the Australian outback, adorned with ornaments representing an Australian or summer idea with a seasonal twist. This includes tie-dye baubles and stars, decorated native animals, tinselled flip-flops, Christmas sandmen and summery fruits. The native fauna interspersed throughout the tree reflect each of the incredible staff members of GPPS who contribute to the amazing community spirit shared at the school.

The Aussie Summer Christmas Tree was developed as a whole-school project through the school’s Visual Arts program, with students from Foundation to Year 6 contributing. With students recently returning to onsite learning, the creation of our tree was an ideal way to re-engage the kids through a collaborative project together the whole school community is proud of.

Keilor Heights Primary School – ‘Tree of Hope’

Located near Bad Workwear
The students at Keilor Heights Primary have designed the Tree of Hope, representing all the activities the school community missed during the lockdown period.

When the students returned after the long period of remote learning they started what they missed the most during lockdown, such as seeing their families, playing with friends, travelling and coming to school. The school decided to use this as the inspiration for their tree with pictures, colours and designs to represent something they were hopeful they could do again soon.

Every student across the school contributed to the tree. The students in Prep made the presents and stars, Years 1 and 2 the baubles, Years 3 and 4 the trees and Years 5 and 6 the paper cranes.

Niddrie Primary School – ‘Be Kind’

Located near Strandbags
This tree represents kindness and support, with photos of senior students with their prep buddies. Every year strong bonds are formed between the preps and their buddies and this year was no different.

This year was not how our preps and grade 6 students expected to spend their first and last years at primary school. The tree was designed to give these students something happy to remember the year by.

Pascoe Vale Primary School – ‘Wurundjeri land’

Located near Ally Fashion
Little hands from Preps, Grade 1 and Grade 2 contributed to decorating this tree. It was painted yellow and decorated with black paper and red paper babbles acknowledging that we work, live and play on the lands of Wurundjeri People of the Kulin nation and that we pay respects to their elders past and present.

The tree represents the creation of something beautiful by using something simple. It shows how you can create from found objects, forcing us to think differently by using objects and materials that are no longer needed or wanted. It demonstrates how beautiful and how different objects can be when they have another purpose.

Pascoe Vale Primary also used the tree project to acknowledge that what we have undergone as a community this year has shown how resourceful we be by doing it together.

Strathmore Primary School – ‘Happiness rainbow’

Located near Target
In a year that has been full of ups and downs, important events cancelled, and many things left uncertain, rainbows have been a symbol of light and hope. They have symbolised hope for better times and for good health for ourselves and our loved ones.

A rainbow tree is a symbol of the happiness we all want to experience especially at Christmas and spending time with people who are the most important to us.
In Art we Strathmore Primary School students are always learning about ROYGBIV (the colours of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) and singing the ‘ROYGBIV’ song by ‘They Might Be Giants’, so what better way to incorporate the learning than by making a rainbow Christmas tree.

All of the grade 3 and 4 students decorated the tree.

St John Bosco's School Niddrie - 'Reconnected'

Located near the Food Court

The meaning behind the tree creation is rejoicing in the school community all being safe and back together after such a long time apart and learning at home in 2020.

The energy and happy chatter of the students inspired the ideas used for the tree. Children had the freedom to move around different activity stations to create one or more item to add to the tree.

The whole school was involved, from the painting to the baubles to the paper chains made from the members of the school families listed on the inside. The ´skirt for the base of the tree uses their handprints to symbolise the family of St John Bosco’s School.

St Vincent de Paul Primary School – ‘A very Spoonville Christmas’

Located near Bonds
During lockdown students created characters for a Spoonville outside St Vincent de Paul Primary School.

It was visited by many students, families and residents in the community. These characters stood in the rain, the sunshine, were sniffed by dogs and stood up to it all to bring smiles to the faces of those who came to visit.

Rather than just throw them, away the students have created this tree so that the characters can now spread some Christmas cheer. You may see damage on the spoons but they are symbolic of resilience in difficult times.

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