The great bake off: How to bake your face for long-lasting makeup


The great bake off: How to bake your face for long-lasting makeup

From YouTube star Heidi Hamoud, to superstar Kim Kardashian, it seems everyone is baking their face. But what does 'baking' actually mean, and does it involve lots of sugar and choc chips? Unfortunately not, because this is baking of a different kind. Baking your face is a technique makeup artists have been using for years, but finally us mere mortals have caught on and it's become a worldwide makeup phenomenon that's resulting in a flawless base, less creases and makeup that lasts all day long.

From pictures we see on Instagram, baking can look daunting with all that packed-on powder underneath the eyes. But we promise it's not that scary! It's also super easy, so why not give it a try?

Here are 5 easy steps to achieve the ultimate baked - not caked - makeup look. To make your life even easier, we've linked some of our favourite products to get the job done.

Step 1: Apply your base

Apply your foundation as normal. Once that's on, it's time to contour. Grab a contouring stick, drawing it in a line in the hollow of your cheeks (from your ears to the corner of your lips), around the hairline, along the bottom of the jawline and on either side of your nose. Use a beauty sponge to blend it into your skin for a bronzed, dewy finish.

Image via @maxmade

Step 2: Conceal sleepy eyes

This is technically the first step of the baking process. Take a creamy liquid concealer and, starting at the inner corner, apply it under the eye in four diagonal tiger stripes. It's super important not to be heavy-handed at this step - less is more! These four stripes provide the perfect amount of product to conceal dark circles and act as a base for the baking powder, without being caked on. Again, take your beauty sponge and dab lightly to blend the concealer into the skin. Repeat if necessary (aka, you're extra tired today!)

Image via @kimkardashian

Step 3: Time to bake!

This is where the magic happens. It's also the part where most people get a little scared off, but stay with me! To achieve the ultimate bake, take a flat-topped brush and dip it into your baking powder. Pack it on generously under the eyes, to completely cover the area. Now, go and get dressed, brush your teeth, or fill in your eyebrows, because you need to wait 5-10 minutes for the powder to do its thing. Once the time is up, simply grab a fluffy brush and dust off the excess! You'll be left with a fresh face with bright under-eyes that reflect the light. Most importantly, no dark circles in sight.

Image via Heidi Hamoud on YouTube.

Step 4: Finish your makeup

All that's left to do is finish the rest of your look - sweep on bronzer, highlighter, blush, eyeshadow and mascara and you're good to go!

Image via @chloemorello

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