Our 5 takeaway favourites


Our 5 takeaway favourites

Got a craving for your favourite burger or maybe an instant coffee just isn't cutting it? While restaurants and cafes are currently closed for dining in, you can still get your foodie fix at some of your favourite lunch and dining spots. Here's a round-up of our top takeaway cravings and where to get them at Westfield Airport West.

1 - The not-so-humble chip

Are you a thick cut fan, a greasy French fry advocate or a sweet potato lover? Call it what you may but nothing beats that very first bite. That crunch, followed by a salty hit and the final steaming hot, fluffy centre. Where will you get your chip fix? Nando's or Schnitz?

2 – Burgers

Perhaps the best accompaniment to chips (or was that fish?). If you're begging for a burger, place your order at Hangar Cafe. From a classic beef patty, tender fried chicken or veggie delight. You simply can't go wrong!

3 – Dumplings

Feeling it's a dumpling kind of day? For these delicious, juicy parcels of goodness, head to Dumpling Chef. Why not, throw in a portion of fried rice for a satisfying feast.

4 – Sushi

Craving Sushi? Satisfy your taste buds at Sushi Hub and Sushi Sushi. Complete the meal with a hot Miso soup to keep you warm this winter.

5 – Coffee and Sweet Treats

Missing your daily coffee run? Whether your usual is a latte, espresso or chai, never underestimate the comfort of a daily brew from Soul Origin. While you're here, spoil your other half, kids or housemate with a muffin from Muffin Break. It'll make iso a whole lot sweeter!

For more takeaway food inspo, click here(https://www.westfield.com.au/airportwest/browse-stores/food-and-drink).