FOUND! The best style of jeans for every shape

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If there’s one thing women hate, it’s jeans shopping. It’s somewhere in between trying on swimwear and spilling your breakfast on your fresh work shirt, and it sucks.

But the reason behind your hatred for such a task probably stems from your horrible past experiences. You don’t know which jeans to pick up off the rack, or what colour to choose, and then when you get to the change room you hate the way you look. It’s depressing, and so you give up altogether. I’m right, aren’t I? Well don’t worry, you are SO not alone! Cue the denim experts!

I’ve enlisted the help of the denim doctor Kristin Laidlaw at Jeanswest to give you her top pick for every body shape, and answer some age-old questions about how exactly to find your perfect match. Take it away, Kristin!


Is it near impossible for you to find jeans that fit all over? The Curve Embracer jeans have been made for the ‘pear’ body shape – they’re designed to hug the curve of the hips, bum and thighs, while fitting a smaller waistline. And if you have curves, embrace them! Don’t feel as though you need to shy away from a skinny or straight leg. Experiment with different leg styles.


The ‘hourglass’ is a gorgeous shape with a little waist and great curves around the hips, bum and thighs that need support just like the ‘pear’, so it only makes sense that they both look great in the Curve Embracer. We receive so much fan mail for these jeans from frustrated women, it’s silly! They are made with the true womanly shape in mind. Again, try different leg lengths, as your height and proportions will play a factor.


The Hip Hugger jeans are perfect for ‘apple’ shapes as they provide more room around the waistline, as well as supporting a flat bottom and thinner legs. They’ll slim your waist, smooth your sides and eliminate any pesky muffin top while they’re at it. A straight leg will also balance your shape.


If you’re a ‘rectangle’ that’s not too curvy and love your legs, a slim leg is preferable in any style – we love our skinny and super skinny ranges. If you’re a voluptuous ‘rectangle’, opt for the Hip Hugger, as just like your friend the ‘apple’, you don’t have too much curve through the middle but need the room around your waist that this style offers.


‘Inverted triangles’ tend to have broad shoulders and back and a wider waistline before narrowing at the hips, so go for a flare (or bootcut if that’s a bit much for you) to balance out your top half. A skinny leg can often give you that ‘ice-cream cone’ look – and nobody wants that! Our Buttlifter style is available in this bootleg too if you need a little junk in the trunk!

The best style of jean for every body shape

Great! But what about all those other frustrating factors you have to consider when buying jeans? Well, they’ve answered those too!

1. What are top 3 tips for making our jeans last?
Only wash your jeans when they’re dirty – not after every wear. When you do wash them, do so in cold water to retain the colour. Finally, never tumble dry stretch jeans, as the heat will weaken the stretch fibres.

2. What colours are the most flattering and on-trend?
Deep, saturated colour is always the most slimming, so think dark indigo blues and blacks. In terms of trends, colour is a huge part of denim this season, and we’re loving sorbet shades like lemon, spearmint and watermelon (and don’t worry, our Maternity customers get those too!)

3. Which shapes best suit skinny / straight / bootleg?
I urge all women to wear whatever leg they feel comfortable in. We should celebrate our shape! That said, bootleg traditionally appeals to tall, curvy women as it can tend to “drown” shorter or more petite frames. I truly think all women suit a slim jean – as long as the jean fits! Give them a go.

4. How do avoid the dreaded muffin top?
Be honest about your shape and buy accordingly. The waistband shouldn’t be too tight, and it should be easy to fasten the button. Also try jeans with varying rises to find the most comfy and flattering.

5. Any final tips?
If you can comfortably squeeze into the next size down, buy those instead as they will inevitably stretch half a size over time. Take note of the elastane content too – the more elastane, the stretchier the denim, so buying them super snug will ensure they continue to be the perfect fit.

If you like your options, my other favourite jeans are: Katies Ultimate Jeans (can you say built-in buttlifter and tummy smoother?!), Cotton On Richie Skinny Jeans, Just Jeans Levi Curve ID’s and Second Skins and Sussan jeggings!

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