How to get rid of chapped lips in 5 easy steps

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If anyone has the right to blog about chapped lips, it’s me. I suffer from eczema, live in the South Pole (OK, Melbourne) and wear A LOT of lipstick. In fact, dry lips are probably my most worn accessory, but this also means I have a hefty kit of tools and some quirky remedies for banishing them on a regular basis. Even if you’re blessed with lips from a Blistex ad, you’re likely to experience that tight, flaky feeling during the change of the season or during extreme hot or cold weather conditions like we’re seeing right now!

I’ve found this to be the best process for getting lips as smooth as a baby’s bottom…


how to treat chapped lips

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First of all, it’s very important to abstain from licking your lips, no matter what the little voice in your head tells you to do or how relieving it feels. This will only make things worse!

STEP #1: Wet a washcloth with warm water and dab your poor, dry lips.

STEP #2: Slather on a soothing lip balm with a cotton bud, avoiding anything containing petroleum. If you don’t have any lip balm handy (story of my life) use good old fashioned honey instead. Leave it to soak in for 5-10 minutes before wiping off softly.

STEP #3: Using a (new) soft toothbrush, gently exfoliate the flaky skin from your lips. This won’t work as well with wet lips, so make sure they are completely dry. Wipe the excess away with washcloth.

STEP #4: Apply another thick layer of lip balm. Keep applying throughout the day, and sleep with it on if you can.

STEP #5: In the days following, drink plenty of water, and try not to expose yourself to extreme weather conditions. If you MUST wear lipstick (which, I must) apply lip balm and leave for 5 minutes first or use a lip primer. If your lips don’t improve, consider taking a supplement like Swisse ‘Hair Skin Nails’.